BrazMedChem: A Brief History

The Brazilian Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (BrazMedChem) is a scientific event of international abrangency, which has the main objective of joining Brazilian Medicinal Chemists to the state-of-the-art of the discovery/development of new drugs.

Since the establishment of the Brazilian Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in 2001 (BrazMedChem2001) under the coordination of Profs. Drs   Carlos Montanari, Ricardo Bicca de Alencastro and Antonia Tavares do Amaral, it has been prone to achieve understanding and gather true information that leads to knowledge.

The second BrazMedChem was held in Rio de Janeiro city, being Prof. Dr. Jose Daniel Figueroa Villar the chair of the event. During this meeting, a set of outstanding researchers in the field was established as a BrazMedChem consulting group with the aim of improving the medicinal chemistry in Brazil.

In 2006, the BrazMedChem was held in Aguas de Sao Pedro-SP, under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Glaucius Oliva. This successful event had a set of renowned international researchers as invited speakers.

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