BrazMedChem is a biannual symposium promoted by Medicinal Chemistry Division of the Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ). In this 8th Edition, BrazMedChem 2016 has as main goal to provide an ideal forum for discussion, interaction and cooperation among Medicinal Chemistry Scientists worldwide with Brazilian graduate and undergraduate students and local Medicinal Chemistry Researchers. Highlight topics in Medicinal Chemistry will be discussed in several plenary lectures, thematic session and invited conferences; all of them emphasizing the multidisciplinary nature of Medicinal Chemistry and dealing with topics such as  rational design, lead identification and drug optimization, study of mechanism of action, drug metabolism, and translational research. The confirmed presence of prominent scientists, who had participated in the discovered of important drugs (as sildenafil and tapentadol), it is seen as an additional motivating factor, allowing the unique exchange of experience in the field of drugs and medicines, considered strategic for Brazil development.