Thematic sessions

1. Title: “Innovative medicinal chemistry for neglected tropical diseases

Chair: Sir Simon F. Campbell

Speaker:  Charles E. Mowbray, Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) Switzerland

Paul Willis, Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), Switzerland

Elizabeth Igne Ferreira, University of São Paulo, Brazil

2.       Title: “Impact of Medicinal Chemistry on Translational Medicine”

Chair: Lidia M. Lima.

Speaker: Bill Zuercher, UNC, Chapel Hill

Lars Zender, Uni Tuebingen

Stefan Laufer, Uni Tuebingen

3. Title: "Medicinal Chemistry at 21st Century: Perspectives from Div. Med. Chem"

Chair: Carlos Mauricio R. Sant´Anna

Speaker: Holger Stark, German Pharmaceutical Association and the MedChem Division of GDCh (German Society of Chemists);

Patrick Woster, MedChem Division of ACS (American Chemical Society)

Rafael Guido, MedChem Division of SBQ (Brazilian Chemical Society)

4. Title: Application of Informatics Approaches in Drug Design

Chair: Adriano Andricopulo - University of São Paulo, BR

Speakers: Dr. Faruck Morcos, University of Texas at Dallas: "Using coevolutionary information and protein structural modeling in drug discovery”

Dr. Rafaela Salgado Ferreira, Federal University of Minas Gerais: "Structure-based approaches in the discovery and optimization of enzyme inhibitors”

Dr. Woody Sherman, Schrodinger: “Next Generation Free Energy Calculations in Drug Discovery"